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Bars and Melody Anti Bullying Song Goes Viral!

Bars and Melody
Bars and Melody

These two young UK boys met online. They don’t say how they met online, but when they met offline they had their parents with them. Good ON THEM! 15-year-old Charlie and 13-year-old  Leondre got a standing ovation from the crowd (and the judges) on the reality show “Britain’s Got Talent” after they performed an original rap song with a powerful anti-bullying message. Penned by the youngest of the duo Leondre, who had been bullied constantly throughout his young life, in part, because he came from a single parent family, it’s had 23,572,418.00 hits on YouTube alone! What started out as a poem developed into this song. Ellen of course invited them on the show, and what you see here is their lovely friendship and personalities and her reaction to them, and the song…

A follow up to the original appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent” is that one of the bullies texted the younger boy that was being bullied and apologised. Which is of course great, howeverit shouldn’t take a TV talent quest for kids that bully to realise their cruelty. Why are kids not brought up to be empathetic and to respect others? The human race has such a long way to go to start looking after our most vulnerable. I hope this video is shown to kids in schools to show the effect that teasing and bullying can have on others.

And yes I shed a tear in this interview they are just so cute!


Bar’s and Melody on “Ellen”


“Bars and Melody” on “Britain’s Got Talent”