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Our Kids Online Porn, Predators & How To Keep Them Safe The Documentary

Our Kids Online Porn, Predators & How To Keep Them Safe The Documentary

“While researching the pros and cons of handheld devices of our kids, and how to keep them safe online, we stumbled upon the biggest un-had conversation of our time.” – Zareen Sheikh-Cope

Our Kids Online: Porn, Predators & How to Keep Them Safe is  a must-see documentary for every parent on how to protect our kids from online predators and the fallout from exposure to today’s genres of hardcore, violent degrading porn. Featuring some of the world’s leading experts in this field.

Digital Families Podcast with Rob Cope and Zareen Sheikh-Cope

In todays podcast I chat with co-creaters of this compelling documentary “Our Kids Online” Rob Cope and Zareen Sheikh-Cope. Parents of four children between them, aged nine to fifteen they went looking for ways to keep their children safer online, and stumbled across some shocking discoveries, in particular, around children’s exposure to online pornography and predators.

We talk about their personal journey from ordinary parents with a basic understanding of the online world, who during their research and journey through this documentary find out how easy it is for children to access porn at home on devices, and what the devastating effects of early exposure to porn can be.

They address issues parents may have where they believe that their children wouldn’t willingly access porn, issues where they feel overwhelmed by trying to protect their child. Issues around having honest open conversations around porn and sexuality, and issues of parental controls and privacy. They also dig deep into the longer term effects of early exposure to porn through the internet, that no one wants to talk about.

According to some reports one in three young men have some sort of erectile disfunction due to increasing exposure to porn.

Porn is no longer a dreamy narrative erotic film, but demands for more degrading and violent porn is leading to a situation where the first type of porn your child might be exposed to will be so shocking that your child may never get over it.

“The New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification research project found more than two-thirds of the 14- to 17-year-olds surveyed had been exposed to porn, a quarter before they turned 12.”

From https://www.youthwellbeingproject.com.au

This is a serious issue that cannot be ignored anymore. See Trailer below

Individual/Private Viewing click here to watch at Vimeo On Demand

You can find out more about Rob and Zareen, and information about their documentary Here. https://www.ourkidsonline.info Follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OurKidsOnline

The New Zealand Government educational video on children watching porn we talk about during this podcast is the one below from www.keepitrealonline.gov.nz .

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