Social Media Privacy Settings Consultations

Social Media Privacy Settings Consultations

  • Are you a public figure?Cyber Sleuth
  • Applying for a new job?
  • Seeking finance?
  • Looking for a rental?
  • Or going through a relationship break up or divorce?
  • Perhaps you just want to protect yourself from online and offline spam and strangers viewing your personal information on social media. 

Leonie Smith specialises in setting up privacy settings across all social media networks to help you be sure that you are only sharing your personal information and updates with friends.

No Need To Leave Your Office Or Home!

Leonie can set up your privacy settings across most social media platforms via screen sharing so you don’t have to leave your home/office, and it this way the consultation can take place anywhere in the world.

Leonie’s privacy videos are very popular on YouTube, but if you struggle to find the time to set it all up, and worry that you may have missed something, a guided privacy consultation can save you time, and provide you with peace of mind.

Confidentiality Guaranteed!

Leonie has consulted for parents wanting more privacy for their family, Celebrities, Public Figures & politicians, public speakers, business people and just regular folks that want to use social media, but don’t want someone stealing their photos or “liking” all their friends for nefarious reasons, or using their personal information to send them spam through the mail or email.

Hide Your Personal Information

With so many services now using social media to do background checks on your publicly available information, you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because someone sees something on your profile and misinterprets it, perhaps taking it out of context.

Don’t  Just THINK You Have PRIVACY Be Sure!


Free Facebook Audit: How Private Are YOU?

  • Facebook Privacy Settings and Private Profile Set Up – $130.00 aus
  • LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter Google+ Instagram $80.00 aus
  • Full Social Media Privacy (all of the above) Settings Pack – $ 150.00 aus

Incude 10% for GST

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Disclaimer: No social media can be totally private, when you share with friends they can pass it on. But complete strangers shouldn’t be able to see your personal details and posts easily.