@Home Facebook Privacy & Cyber Safety Workshop

@Home Facebook Privacy & Cyber Safety Workshop


Cyber Safety Party
Cyber Safety Party

Parent Talk – Workshop

  • Want to feel safer on Facebook?
  • Can’t find all the hidden privacy settings?
  • Have a few friends who have been discussing safety on computers lately?
  • Did you know the most important privacy settings on Facebook are hidden!

How about holding a Facebook Privacy and Cyber Safety Lady session at home?

Find a minimum of four friends and invite “The Cyber Safety Lady” over to teach you about essential Facebook privacy settings, parental controls on Google search and YouTube in the comfort of your home with a few friends and when it suits YOU!

Facebook Privacy Is Essential For All The Family!

So many people are on Facebook that if you are not on it you can feel left out of the loop!

  • You might have family overseas you want to keep in contact with.
  • Grandchildren you would like to keep up with.
  • Or just like to be able to network and chat socially after a busy day.

For most of us we would like to feel there’s a level of privacy when posting all those personal photos and updates, and we would like to make sure only our REAL friends and family are seeing them!

Safety and Privacy Settings To Protect Children And Teens: Parent Instruction

The hidden privacy settings are also important for Teens on Facebook who are nowadays growing up in public…fast. By learning all the privacy settings on Facebook including disabling Auto Tagging, Hiding names from Facebook Search, Hiding birth dates, Protecting posts and photos from going public, you can help your child enjoy Facebook, but stay much safer than before.

If you have younger children using Google Search for school assignments or watching YouTube for fun, there is a very great risk they will come across adult content if you don’t have a safety filter on your modem or computer, unless you use Google and YouTubes built in safety settings. The built in safety settings are easy to turn on and off when you know where they are, and they are a free, easy to use tool, to keep your kids from accidentally coming across adult content when searching for something quite innocent.

Whats Involved? Two Hour Talk. 

1. For $88.00 per person you will have two hours with “The Cyber Safety Lady”, a recognised cyber safety expert who gives talks and training all over Sydney to parents  to keep families safe and private online.

2. You get over $200.00 dollars worth of value for $88.00 per person, if you can invite a minimum of four friends to the session held in your home, at an agreed upon time of your choice day or night. (maximum of  10 people.)

3. You and your friends/family will get instructions on how to make sure your Facebook, Google and YouTube settings are as secure as possible. You also will get some great tips on how to post safely on Facebook, helpful ideas for monitoring your kids computers, ideas around settings rules around computer use that work! Kids computer timetable ideas, and best of all how to keep an eye on what’s going on without having to be the Cyber Cop!

Leonie will cater to your groups needs depending on whether this is for adult Cyber Safety use or to help you with your teens or younger children.

Book a session during the daytime or early evening, whatever suits you and your guests, no need to find babysitters!

What To Provide For The Session:

All you need is to either provide internet Wi Fi, or everyone brings their own. Laptops are great to bring, but not necessary if you just want to listen and take notes. An iPad will also work for some Facebook and Google settings.

Who Is This For?

You don’t have to be a parent, the Facebook privacy settings are essential for anyone who shares their life on Facebook and wants to be more secure. Grandparents welcome! Google and YouTube safety settings are great for kids under 15years old if you don’t have a filter, like Net Nanny or OpenDNS set up.

It’s Actually Fun!

You won’t believe how much fun you will have doing this! Not only will you go away having your Facebook or your child’s Facebook account set up properly with all the right privacy settings, and anti porn settings on Google search and YouTube, if required. But you will also have a great opportunity to also learn from each other. It’s a wonderful way to help each other and swap ideas.

Leonie’s Cyber Safety Manual will also be available on the day to purchase at a special price of $30.00 per copy. It is recommended that each attendee purchase a copy to follow the instructions after the talk. 

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