Cyber Safety – Personal Consultations

Cyber Safety – Personal Consultations

Services: For Parents & Carers

Keeping Your Family Safe Online
Keeping Your Family Safe Online

Leonie offers a personal consultancy for parents/carers who need help managing their children’s devices.

( please note Leonie does not coach children)

  • Set up parental controls on mobile devices and computers to restrict your child’s access to dangerous apps and content.
  • Advise on internet safety software and anti virus software
  • Facebook and other social media privacy settings setup
  • Anti bullying tactics and advice
  • Help with blocking bullies, stalkers and predators online and on other devices gaming equipment. 
  • Advise on safe apps for mobile devices and computers
  • Advise on safe online behaviour
  • Advise on strategies for parents to supervise their children’s computer use
  • Advise on computer and mobile device addiction, techniques to help
  • Advise on Safe Password Set Up

What Will Leonie Do On Her First Consultation

During Leonie’s first consultation she will do an audit on the computers or mobile devices your child uses. And ensure that all safety and privacy settings are set up according to the families wishes and age of the children. She will take a look at the apps and programs on the child’s device and advise on the safety of each. She can address any particular issues you may have with behaviour on these devices, and any concerns you may have with content.

Personalised Responsible Computer Use Programs.

Leonie can help advise on computer screen time limits and creating a time table with your child. Children can then learn how to use their time wisely on computers and helps them to balance their online and offline activities without a screaming match!

The longer term goal for most families is to have your children responsible for their own computer use and educated about protecting their own digital identity, and Leonie can help parents with a custom designed plan to help move their children towards that goal sooner rather than later.

Digital Parenting Mediation


For together or separated parents

Fred Bretthauer is a Dispute Resolution Mediator – BSc Counselling, Grad Dip FDR, Leadr, Registered FDRP, Her. 4 Training & Assessment. Fred has worked with has worked with Lifeline, Catholic Care and Relationships Australia helping families with dispute resolution for over 10years. Increasingly he is seeing that disputes over digital devices and screen time are an important issue that without clear and fair agreements can interfere with smooth transitions between family units, and even within together parents.

Blowups over technology – a calmer more considered approach
How to set agreements around digital device use that work.
What to do when the rules are broken?
What to do when parents have different ideas around technology and screen time
Digital device use at a child’s friends place


Services: For Adults – Personalised Digital Reputation & Cyber Safety

Adult Personal Cyber Safety consultations

Are you concerned with your online security and safety as an individual. Are you public figure? Or victim of online bullying or stalking? Leonie can help you with your privacy settings on social media and your other online profiles.

  • Avoiding internet scams & hacks
  • Social Media Privacy/Security Settings
  • Computer security
  • Mobile devices and privacy/security
  • Social Media – Public vs Private Profiles
  • Password Management Advice
  • Messaging apps – Safer Options – Privacy
  • Your Digital Reputation – LinkedIn – Instagram – Facebook & More

What Will Leonie Do On Her First Consultation

During Leonie’s first consultation she will do an audit on the computers or mobile devices you use, and your online social media. She can help you manage your social media if you are having issues with privacy or annoying content.  She may refer you onto to other agencies if you need help with identity theft or online harassment.

Your Privacy Is Totally Assured

Leonie is well aware of the sensitive nature of online behaviour and protects her clients private details.

Service Charges

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