• A quarter of Australian children report they have been cyber bullied.
  • Do you and your children have the right privacy settings on Facebook?
  • Are your children protected from accessing adult content online?
  • Are your children spending too much time on computers?
  • Is your family protected from online scams and virus’s

Cyber Safety Group Talks:

1/2 hour – 2  hour Cyber Safety talks depending on your need.

The Talks include:

  1. Social Networks.
  2. What Kids Use?
  3. Are They Safe?
  4. What Can You Do?
  5. What To Teach Kids?
  6. Empower Your Kids.
  7. Anti Bullying Advice.
  8. Balance Computer Use.
  9. Time Limits.
  10. Computer security.
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Personalised Cyber Safety Consultations:


  • Setting up Firewalls
  • Checking for any undesirable material on computers you might want to get rid of.
  • Setting up parental locks on computer screens.
  • Also advising on safety filters with other mobile devices such as phones laptops and iPads.
  • Setting up filters on social media log in’s, browsers and other software programs.
  • Setting up Parental/Teacher controlled accounts for children.
  • Setting up Cyber Safety software that has customisable filtering.
  • Working with parents to develop time tables and programs to help children balance their time on Computers
  • Programs for trust and cyber responsibility..
  • Leonie will also look at how the internet and computers are set up around the home, and will make suggestions about how to make your children’s computer use better supervised and safer.
  • Educating on the latest social networks and games your children might be using
  • Advising on Cyber Bullying, how to prevent it, and how to deal with it if it is happening.
  • Advising on how to avoid scams and virus online
  • Ensuring all your anti virus software is up to date, and setting it up so it is always up to date.
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There are many other services along these lines that Leonie can help you and your family with, to ensure you and your family can enjoy your time on computers without fear of downloading something undesirable.

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