Cyber Safety Research


  • Research on youth exposure to, and management of, cyberbullying incidents in Australia

Australian and international research on cybersafety issues commissioned by government, non-government organisations and industry associations. Synthesis report Prepared for: Australian Government Department of Communications June 2014

  • Parental involvement in preventing and responding to cyberbullying The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) by Elly Robinson Parent involvement with their child’s online world is essential for success in dealing with cyber bullying and preventing it.
  • Risks and safety for Australian children on the internet 2010/2011

    Full findings from the AU Kids Online Survey of 9-16 year old’s and their parents.

    This report presents the AU findings for research in Australia which parallels the EU Kids Online project (see Specifically, it includes selected findings, calculated and interpreted for Australia only, but with some comparisons made with the survey data and analysis reported in Livingstone, S., Haddon, L., Görzig, A., and Ólafsson, K. (2011). Risks and safety on the internet: The perspective of European children. Full Findings. LSE, London: EU Kids Online, and comparisons with some country reports of the 25 nations participating in EU Kids Online II.