Keeping Kids Safe Online Cyber Safety Parent Manual

Keeping Kids Safe Online Cyber Safety Parent Manual

A Step By Step Parent Manual For Privacy And Safety Settings To Keep Kids Safe Online

Parent Cyber Safety Manuals

This easy STEP-BY-STEP guide features privacy settings and safety settings for both mobile and P.C. Easy instructions to set up filters to protect your child from adult online content. Protect your child from online predators and scammers. Updated for the very latest settings and apps. Advice on gaming and screen time addiction and limits.


Student Cyber Safety Manual

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This Manual Includes

  1. Step by Step instructions on finding essential HIDDEN Facebook privacy settings, to keep you AND your family safe on Facebook.
  2. The latest apps and games that your kids, some as young as 4yrs old are using
  3. Simple 2 Step Anti-Porn Safety Settings for YouTube, Google, Bing Search to prevent your kids from accidentally coming across adult content
  4. Privacy settings for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more
  5. Articles on Social Media, Gaming, Internet use and Computer use, outlining the risks and methods to keep your kids safe online.
  6. Parents Guide To Minecraft, Clash Of Clans, Roblox, Steam, & Screen Time Limits
  7. Examples of rules and timetables for computer use for kids
  8. How to set up digital devices in your house for optimum supervision, without having to “spy”
  9. How to understand your kids online language
  10. An example of a written computer responsiblity agreement or contract between you and your child.


Cyber Safety “Keeping Kids Safe Online”  by Leonie Smith

Cyber Safety “Keeping Kids Safe Online” 2013/14 by Leonie Smith


Leonie Presents Cyber Safety Talks for schools, business, and community groups.