Hold a Free School Talk On Sydney’s Northern Beaches!

Hold a Free School Talk On Sydney’s Northern Beaches!


Leonie Smith And The Northern Beaches Local Area Command

Teachers: How would you like to have LESS issues around cyber bullying and cyber safety to deal with?

Free Northern Beaches Cyber Safety Talks
Free Northern Beaches Cyber Safety Talks

Parent supervision and lack of cyber safety education is one of the weakest links in keeping your students safe online. With many BYOD programs starting in both primary and high school, it’s NOW more important than ever to get your parent community up to speed with online security and cyber safety.

Free Cyber Safety Talks

In 2013 through the efforts of the Northern Beaches Business Education Network, Warringah Council, Dee Why RSL and Rotary, Leonie Started working with the Northern Beaches Police and local schools to bring free cyber safety talks for parents on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The initiative is growing in demand, as schools are beginning to see actual tangible results of less incidents of online incidents involving students at their primary and high schools after Leonie’s talks. Parents are going away from the talks forewarned with information about safer options for their children’s online activities.

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What’s Different About These Talks?

These talks are strong on digital parenting tips, technical tips and advice – hard won – from a cyber savvy mum with over 20 years experience.

Leonie Smith is a cyber savvy, geek and a mum. She presents the talks from the perspective of someone who loves the internet, social media and gaming but wants us all to use it safely. As a mum of 4, she’s already done and is still doing the hard yards at the coal face of bringing up digital native children.

Having the support of the police at these talks also gives another perspective in regards to what is really going on behind the scenes of our children’s online world. This cyber safety presentation along with her companion support manual “Keeping Kids Safe Online” and the Teen Manual “Keeping You Safe Online” available for sale at the talks, provide parents with actual practical advice and tools to take home, to help parents communicate with their kids about their online world better and to help keep them safe online.

Parent Cyber Safety Talk
Parent Cyber Safety Talk

What Do Parents Learn?

Parents feedback after the talks is often “I thought I was cyber savvy, but I learned things about apps and the internet I know will be incredibly helpful and important” “How did I not know this stuff!” Many parents have reported that they not only learned about what their kids were up to online, but also learned vital information about how to protect their own social media accounts that they could then pass on to their children.

The end result is parents who leave the talks with enough information to make some real positive changes to how they supervise and protect their kids online. 

Which Schools May Apply?

Any school in the Combined Northern Beaches Council area can apply to host one of these free talks. Leonie normally charges a fee for her parent talks, but because these talks are kindly sponsored by Rotary we are able to provide these amazing talks absolutely free to all Northern Beaches Schools, both public and Independent. There are only a few free talks available per year due to a limited budget. Qualifying for a FREE Rotary Sponsored talk depends on availability, dates, audience size and the willingness to make the talk available to the wider Northern Beaches Community.

Presented By Leonie Smith, With Input From Your Local Police

Leonie and representatives from the Northern Beaches Local Area Command attend the talks together.

The The benefit of holding these type of talks is that parents and teachers get to hear from both Leonie and the police. The police explain how they are responding to cyber safety issues in their dealings with students on the Northern Beaches, and what trends they are noticing as far as matters of a criminal nature, like sexting, blackmail, online predatory behaviour, and issues of stalking and cyber bullying.

Leonie usually invites the head teacher or principle of the host school to also discuss what their school is experiencing in regards to cyber safety and how they are implementing cyber safety education in the school.

Parents then get a very clear and balanced overview of the issues that might be facing their children.

Who Can Attend?

These talks are for adults only. Leonie also holds talks or workshops for younger students and teens. See Here For Teen/Junior Talks and Workshops

School Clusters

Most of these sponsored talks are advertised to clusters of schools, this helps increase the numbers of attendees at the talks. Talk attendance has grown over the year that this arrangement has been in place. We’ve had as many as 200 parents and as little as 50 parents attending. Attendance is very much dependent on the school parent culture, the willingness of the school to advertise the talks effectively and feedback from other parents who have already attended one of these talks.

Book Now!

These Free Talks are limited due to funding. If you want a FREE talk this year, book sooner rather than later!

Some Of The Northern Beaches Schools That Have Held A Rotary Sponsored Cyber Safety Talk 

  • Freshwater Senior Campus
  • St Rose Collaroy Plateau. Twice
  • Christian Covenant Belrose
  • Mona Vale Public School
  • Galstaun School Ingleside
  • The Forest High
  • Narraweena Public School
  • Oxford Fall Grammar
  • The John Colet School
  • Mimosa Public School
  • Narrabeen Lakes Public School
  • St John The Apostle Catholic School
  • Bilgola Public School
  • Mater Maria Catholic School
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School
  • Manly West Public School
  • Manly Village Public School
  • Killarney Heights Public School

“Leonie gave an engaging talk that really informed parents of the dangers of the cyber world for young people, without condemning technology itself.  Parents were challenged to think about their role in taking charge of technology in the home. She recognised that parents often feel powerless in the face of ever changing possibilities on the internet. Parents made comments to me that their eyes had been opened, and they felt well equipped to talk to their children. Leonie’s publication reinforces her message.” Chris O’Sullivan Deputy Principal Covenant Christian School

As a parent…
‘The step by step succinct instructions on how to change settings for various websites and devices was invaluable. My son had about 150 apps that didn’t clearly spell out the age restrictions and when I changed the settings on his iPod, he went from 150 to 5!’

As a principal….
‘Having Leonie speak to the parents at my school, reinforced how important it was for the parents to be diligent in understanding what their children were accessing, and how this impacted on their child’s social interactions at school’  Josie Vescio Principal St Rose Catholic School

The Cyber Safety Talk held at The Forest High School was well received by both high school parents and primary school parents alike. All present commented on how valuable it was to hear of the latest and most popular cyber sites used by students as young as 7 years old! Many parents were amazed at how easy it was for children to access these sites, many of them being totally inappropriate for youg people. Parents were also amazed at how easy it was for ‘undesirable’ people to groom their young children.

The Cyber Safety Talk was able to address the many concerns held by parents and to provide websites and strategies in dealing with the many issues arising from cyber usage of their young children.
Regard Jane Dean Deputy Principal The Forest High School


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Slides From a presentation to school support about the importance of Parent Education around cyber safety and what my focus is for my presentation to parents.  



If you would like to hold a talk at your school in the Manly, Warringah, Pittwater area contact Leonie Smith or Police Youth Liaison Officer Robyn Jennings via email.