Manly West Public School Parent Cyber Safety Talk 7pm 28th Oct 2014

Manly West Public School Parent Cyber Safety Talk 7pm 28th Oct 2014

Manly West Public School Parent Cyber Safety Talk 6.30pm 28th Oct 2014

St Rose Catholic School Talk 2013
Leonie Smith at St Rose Catholic School Talk 2013

“Raising Responsible Digital Citizens”

Manly West Parents Only

Cyber Safety Presentation: Tuesday evening 6.30pm – 8.30pm October 28th  2014 Sydney

Manly West Public School

4-10 Sydney Road, Manly NSW 2095 

Raising great digital citizens is very important in this online connected age. But what does that actually mean? It means that all of us and especially children need to know how to present themselves well in the digital  world. Parents play an essential role in whether their child has a good or bad experience online, and parents also need to be able to answer questions and guide their young digital citizens through the maze of the ever changing online world, it’s not possible to leave it all up to schools to supervise your child online.

Leonie Smith, also known as “The Cyber Safety Lady” is a cyber savvy mum of 4 who has been guiding her family through the evolution of the online world from the mid 90’s right up until now, with her two youngest aged 14yrs and 17. She has developed strategies and guidelines from nearly 20 years experience as an online community builder and online multimedia producer, and as a mum with teens in the 90’s who had just started to discover the online world and computer games.

Leonie’s “Cyber Savvy” presentation covers the latest apps your children might be using, the good and the bad.  Leonie shows parents what they need to look out for, and gives very practical tips on how to keep up with kids online. Leonie’s “Cyber Savvy” talks come from a place of loving technology not from fear, and she encourages parents to get on board with their kids digital lives whilst setting clear boundaries around use, to keep them safe online.


Leonie’s Parent and Teen versions of her Step By Step privacy and safety setting manuals will be on sale for $20.00 at the venue. 


Subjects Covered.

  • It’s never too early or late to learn about technology
  • Protecting your child from adult content
  • Tips on how to keep up with your digital child
  • How to get kids to “switch off” without all the drama
  • Keeping your child social AND safe!
  • Dealing with, and preventing cyber bullying
  • Learn how to protect your child’s digital reputation
  • Find out who your child is talking to online without spying
  • Ways to talk to your child about their online responsibility
  • Find out how your school is dealing with cyber safety
  • How to stay positive and involved with your child’s online world
  • Raising an amazing digital citizen!


This talk is for all parents of primary or secondary aged children. It is open to parents from other schools. It is NOT suitable for children or Teens.



Date: Tuesday 28th October 2014 6.30pm – 8.30pm 

Manly West Public School

4-10 Sydney Road, Manly NSW 2095


As a parent…

‘The step by step succinct instructions on how to change settings for various websites and devices was invaluable. My son had about 150 apps that didn’t clearly spell out the age restrictions and when I changed the settings on his iPod, he went from 150 to 5!’

As a principal….
‘Having Leonie speak to the parents at my school, reinforced how important it was for the parents to be diligent in understanding what their children were accessing, and how this impacted on their child’s social interactions at school Josie Vescio Principal St Rose Catholic School

Leonie is the Author of Parent Manual “Keeping Kids Safe Online” and Teen Manual “Keeping You Safe Online” A step by step manual for setting up safety and privacy settings on social media and computers and mobile devices. It is a unique book that covers many of the apps and software your children are or will be using. The manual is available for sale at the talk for $20.00 Find out more about Leonie Here: You can read about Leonie’s remarkable journey as an online community builder and digital media producer here



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