Are You Cyber Savvy

Are You Cyber Savvy

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Wed 29th May 2013 Freshwater Senior Campus Northern Beaches

Parents don’t know what they don’t know……..


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Understanding the traps, and apps before your child gets hurt online is so important. Once seen, never unseen.

Unfortunately I usually get a call to help parents in my role as a cyber safety advisor after their child has been hurt online. The hurt can include anything from seeing porn after searching for something, being cyber bullied, or worse still, after their child was contacted by a predator online. How does this happen? Mainly because the parents were “Out Of The Loop” They didn’t attend a cyber safety talk because they thought they knew enough, and thought their kids would be OK. So the necessary precautions and safety settings weren’t set up.

Last year all the Cyber Safety talks were primarily about Facebook, this year the focus is much more on apps. While many parents are busy focusing on Facebook, and some may have set up privacy settings, the kids are picking up on new apps and mobile games quicker than you can say, “In-App Purchases” and exposing themselves to danger! All of us are going mobile.

If your child is using Kik Messenger, Keek, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Path, Skype, YouNow, Vine, or even Twitter, then they are NOT alone. These apps are being downloaded and being made hugely popular by kids of all ages, some as young as 8years old. Many of these apps are very dangerous for our kids as far as privacy and safety issues go.

Most parents have no idea that Kik messenger, one of the MOST popular mobile apps being adopted by even primary school kids, has the worst reputation for being used as a gateway by Pedophiles to groom and stalk our children. “Everyone’s using it” doesn’t mean it’s safe, it means that mum and dad haven’t heard about the dangers, or simply don’t believe them.

During this Northern Beaches Cyber Safety talk you will hear from me, from a youth councillor and a police liason officer about the facts, NOT the rumours about these apps and more.

Your neighbours kids, your child’s best friend, possibly even your own kids are at risk through using these apps and these platforms, and sadly most parents haven’t a clue how dangerous these apps can be, or how to enable even the most BASIC safety settings on them. This talk will help you understand what apps and online platforms are safe for you and your family, and what is not.

Turn up for your Kids and your community, incidences of online abuse ARE happening more and more on the Northern Beaches!

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