Digital Parenting Mediation

For together or separated parents

Is the internet causing disputes in your family?

Fred Bretthauer is a Dispute Resolution Mediator – BSc Counselling, Grad Dip FDR, Leadr, Registered FDRP, Her. 4 Training & Assessment. Fred has worked with has worked with Lifeline, Catholic Care and Relationships Australia helping families with dispute resolution for over 10years.

Increasingly Fred is seeing that disputes over digital devices and screen time are an important issue, that without clear and fair agreements, can interfere with smooth transitions between family units, and even within together parents.

Issues Fred Can Help With

  • Blowups over technology – a calmer more considered approach
  • How to set agreements around digital device use that work.
  • What to do when the rules are broken?
  • What to do when parents have different ideas around technology and screen time
  • Digital device use at a child’s friends place

Sydney Based – Via Zoom

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