Digital Families Parent Coaching

Digital Families Parent Coaching

Leonie has been helping to empower families to have a happier and safer experience online for over 11 years, since 2010.

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Digital Families

Happy and Safe Online

  • Parental control advice
  • Screentime Routines
  • Setting fair boundaries
  • Social Media & Gaming balance
  • Cyber Bullying Help Prevention
  • Texting/Sexting 
  • Online Strangers & Dangers 
  • Dealing with xxx content
  • Family Digital Disagreements
  • Getting both parents onboard and aligned

Digital Parent Coaching

Every family is different and you may need more than a standardised approach to cyber safety. Perhaps you just need a little more confidence with your digital parenting or help with quite a serious issue, either way Leonie can help you gain the confidence you need to move forward as a parent or carer in this digital world.  

Digital Harmony

The goal for most families is for children to be responsible and well balanced online. Leonie can help parents with a custom designed plan to help move their children towards that goal sooner rather than later. Family harmony and balance with digital device and internet use is the core goal of Digital Families. 

Special Needs Help

Leonie also has experience working with families that have special needs children, who may need a more nuanced approach to online safety and balance.

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“Thank you SO much Leonie. Today’s session was not only informative but it also lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders. It feels like the light has been turned on and I’m no longer navigating this parenting journey in the dark! I now feel confident to address issues of cyber safety and device usage in our home to protect our boys whilst still permitting them access and creativity on the net and in social media. My only regret is that I wish we had engaged you a long time ago!”  Candice mum of 4

“Leonie’s expertise and, in particular her honest advice when it comes to online safety, is invaluable. In addition, her in-depth understanding of online gaming uniquely positions her to guide parents and assist them in making informed decisions when it comes to navigating their child’s safety online. A personal consultation with Leonie is an investment in time one is unlikely to regret, and one which I can’t recommend highly enough.” Jen Hoey Parent






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