Dealing With Digital Family Drama

Dealing With Digital Family Drama

Resolving Family Conflict Around Screens

A Seminar For Parents

  • Are you tearing your hair out dealing with screentime issues?
  • Are you finding your child is sneaky and finding ways around your blocks and locks?
  • Perhaps the arguments are turning your home into a digital battle field!

Giving Up Is Not An Option – Digital Technology Is Not Going Away

Helping your child develop skills for responsible device use is not something that most parents have experience with. Today’s parents are not only trying to keep up with their children’s online use, but are struggling to supervise it, especially when there are blurred lines between using these devices for entertainment, socializing and for school use.

Learning how to have more positive experiences with technology in your home without the drama will help everyone have better relationships in your family.

“Dealing With Digital Family Drama”

Fred Bretthauer is a Dispute Resolution Mediator – BSc Counselling, Grad Dip FDR, Leadr, Registered FDRP, Her. 4 Training & Assessment

This unique presentation with Mediator Fred Bretthauer helps parents and carers to create a plan that they can put in place to start working on a better, less stressful experience around screen use for everyone in the family. Fred also specialises in solving disputes with separated and step families, where there may be different rules around technology use.

This Seminar Covers:

  • How to set boundaries
  • Family device use agreements
  • Blowups over technology
  • When the rules are broken?
  • Parent carer disagreements over use
  • Getting on board with your Childs online world

How To Book:

This seminar can be booked on it’s own or alongside Leonie Smiths Digital Parenting “Happy And Safe Online” seminar for parents and carers or youth workers. Booking both speakers for the one seminar, will increase attendance at your talk, as it covers two very important issues around digital technology use in families, resolving conflict and digital parenting safety! If you would like to book the combined seminar and keep it to a total of 90minutes you can book Leonie for a 1hour version of her talk (usually 90mins), with Fred’s talk as a 30minute inclusion prior. Option for a more in-depth PD style 120min talk with a tea break in the middle. This allows more time for questions.

Both NOW available as a webinar style presentation online

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