Cyber Safety Talk For Students

Student cyber safety education
Student cyber safety education

60 Minute Presentation

Large or small groups

As an online media pioneer and lover of gaming and social media, Leonie Smith fully understands why young people are so fascinated with being online. But as a parent and cyber safety educator she also knows how important it is that kids are safe online, protected from scams, bullying, invasions of privacy, spamming and predatory behaviour. Her talks give students the tools to keep themselves safer online, whether it’s through message apps, social media, online gaming or protecting themselves from virus’s or hacking.


Will Kids Really LISTEN To This Talk?

Because Leonie does NOT approach these talks from a negative point of view, but presents these talks as a person who loves social media, technology and gaming, it’s not long before the students in the audience realise that Leonie actually knows a bit about what she is talking about.

During her presentations Leonie totally engages her audience, between having them sitting on the edge of their seats listening intently, to laughing and almost rolling in the isles. The presentation whilst injected with humour, is of course about a very serious subject matter, and that is emphasised.

After every talk Leonie finds the students come up and talk to her, relating their own experiences and asking more in-depth questions about their own usage. Her talks often result in students seeking out help from their teachers and parents afterwards. Her talks can bring up issues that students hadn’t thought were able to be resolved.

Student Cyber Safety Education
Student Cyber Safety Education

Each talk is specifically targeted to each age group:

Years 3/4,  5/6,  7/8,  year 9 – year 12

Subjects covered are:

  • Social Media – oversharing – respect – privacy
  • Recognising and reporting an online predator
  • Cyberbullying how & when to block – support – report
  • Real online friends/strangers
  • Blocking strangers
  • Dealing with difficult online friends
  • Safe respectful messaging
  • Safer online gaming
  • Sexting & the law (only high-school students)
  • Students digital footprint and their future.
  • Scams, virus’s and passwords
  • Online/offline privacy – settings & behaviour
  • Video and photographing, respect & sharing
  • Mobile phone safety
  • Helping mum and dad keep up with YOU!


Information on Workshops and Presentation PDF

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Below: Sample Of Slides For Primary School Students:

The talk goes for an hour in length, with time for discussion and brainstorming.



Hands On Privacy/Security Settings Workshop For Students Over 13yrs


Hands On Cyber Safety Workshops For Kids
Hands On Cyber Safety Workshops For Kids

Leonie can hold a hands-on computer Cyber Safety workshop at your school, to show kids how to protect themselves online. Practical advice and tips!

Time: Between 1 and 2 hours depending on requirements:

Tasks Include:

  • Full privacy settings for Facebook, including hiding names, schools, friends lists and post updates from public view
  • Essential privacy settings on Instant messaging, Instagram, Snapchat and Skype to avoid approaches from strangers
  • Instructions on how to block and ban unwanted contact
  • How to report bullying to Facebook or YouTube
  • How to delete content, comments posts
  • Password security tips

This workshop requires an internet connection and computer accessibility to social networks.

Contact Leonie Smith today for a booking.

Student Privacy & Security Settings Workshop
Student Privacy & Security Settings Workshop

Safety and Privacy Settings for: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Google, Skype, iMessage, Twitter, YouTube.


“Our Year 10 students appreciated Leonie’s well prepared and up to date workshop. The step-by-step approach to Facebook privacy settings was particularly valuable as even if you had the vocabulary to search for approaches to protect your privacy, the students experience was online tutorials did not match Facebook’s current interface – whereas Leonie was across the most recent changes. Students were able to nominate sites and apps that they use prior to the workshop and Leonie was able to provide guidance for these. We have seen positive action taken by groups of students to online behaviour that required a response following Leonie’s visit this year.” Duncan Gillespie, Director of ICT The Friends’ School North Hobart  TAS 7002 Australia +61362102200



 Leonie Smith is an approved Department Of Education NSW Vendor. Her Vendor I.D is 100339452
Leonie Smith is certified by the Australian Governments Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner
Office of the Childrens eSafety Commissioner