Cyber Safety For The Workplace

Cyber Safety For The Workplace

Online Security Education For The Workplace

Email And Social Media Scams – Weak Passwords – Lack Of Online Security And Privacy Awareness.

Some of the things that can cost your company not just financially, but can also compromise your buisness’s reputation.

Social Media:

Even if you don’t allow social media use on company computers, your employees are likely to be using Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn and more on their mobile devices at work or or at home. No matter where they are, if they mess up on social media it might reflect badly on your organisation. What are your employees sharing publicly?

Scams & Hacks:

How adept are your staff at spotting a scam email, or an attachment that could lead to their computer being inoperable or worse, compromised so that sensitive data is stolen. Are they also aware of their security on their own computers or laptops. Education around online security makes your company more secure.

  • Avoid Scams/Hacks
  • Phishing email scams
  • Social Media Privacy Settings
  • Antivirus – Backing up computers
  • Mobile devices and privacy/security
  • Social Media – Public vs Private
  • Password Management Advice
  • Messaging apps – Safer Options – Privacy
  • Avoiding online drama
  • How to hide your personal information online

Confidentiality Guaranteed!

Leonie has consulted to Celebrities, Public Figures & politicians, public speakers, business people, Banking and corporate staff, and just regular folks that want to use social media. She is unable to list all the clients she has worked with due to confidentiality.


Cyber Safety Corporate Education