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Latest Advanced Facebook Privacy Settings!

Here is the latest “Advanced Facebook Privacy Settings” 2015. Step By Step Video. If you want to protect your privacy from non-friends which might include scammers, acquaintances, work mates or snoopers! This is the easy way for you to set up all those complicated settings. I also explain how to set some other settings which… Continue Reading

Selfies And Teens Leonie Smith On “The Living Room”

Selfies And Teens Leonie Smith On “The Living Room”

  Seems everyone is having fun with “Selfies” these days. Unless you’ve been living under a rock …you would know that the term “Selfie” is taking a photo of yourself  alone or with friends with your own camera. Is is narcissistic or self obsessed or just good fun? I was featured in this video about… Continue Reading

Bars and Melody Anti Bullying Song Goes Viral!

These two young UK boys met online. They don’t say how they met online, but when they met offline they had their parents with them. Good ON THEM! 15-year-old Charlie and 13-year-old  Leondre got a standing ovation from the crowd (and the judges) on the reality show “Britain’s Got Talent” after they performed an original rap song… Continue Reading

Vine Video Enables Video Messages

Important: Enable Your Privacy Settings On Vine! The popular video sharing app Vine has recently released an update, Vine now includes private text and video messaging between users and non users. Instagram has had private photo or video messaging for a few months, so it’s not surprising that Vine has now launched the same option.… Continue Reading

How To Make Mobile Safari Safe For Kids

How To Make Mobile Safari Safe For Kids

Updated July 2021 Adult Content Via Safari With school iPads being introduced now in primary schools, schools are doing all they can to filter the internet within school grounds, but too many parents are not aware how important it is to enable filters and parental controls on any device their child uses at home as well.… Continue Reading