Resilience Optimism Confidence with Claire Eaton Parent Coach

Resilience Optimism Confidence with Claire Eaton Parent Coach

This weeks guest on “Digital Families” Podcast is Claire Eaton, a speaker, youth coach and author of four books for teens, “ROC and RISE” “You are awesome”, “Hello High School” and its companion Planner. 

Claire began her career as a teacher and deputy principal, which quickly lead to her deep interest in mindset, and the social and emotional wellbeing of young people. 

In 2007 Claire left education to open her private coaching practice, which still supports teens, young adults, and parents today. 

She is known for her ‘keep it real’ and prevention focussed approach to wellbeing, and is highly sought after to work with people and speak in schools and at events Australia-wide. 

In this weeks podcast we talk about Claires focus on helping children with Resilience, Optimism, and Confidence. These are traits that we often hear about being necessary in our children, particularly when it comes to dealing with the online world. Whether its resilience to online bullying and misunderstandings, Optimism, in regard to the way they choose what they take in online, not falling into a negative pessimistic algorithm on TikTok or Instagram. And confidence to make good choices and be self assured as they navigate their way through this world. Traits that might seem impossible in the covid, environmental hazardous world we live in. How do we help our children to develop these attitudes with all they are living through and exposed to online?

Claire and I also talk about how overprotective parenting can lead to less resilience optimistic confident children and how we can help them turn it all around.

Claire Eaton Books

I have a set of books to give away to one lucky listener that include “Roc And Rise” her book for teenagers to help them reach the Goals of ROC, “You Are Awesome” a collection of thoughts and memories celebrating YOU! for children to hear how others feel about them. “Hello High School” a helpful book for year 7 students that comes with a yearly Planner for the first year of school to help children sort out their thoughts during what can be a confusing adjustment to High School. Listen through the podcast to find out the code to quote in your contact with me, either via this website or a PM on my Facebook Page. Edit: Congratulations Shirley for being the first listener to contact me with the secret code! Posting them out to you ASAP! Hope your teen enjoys them.

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