How An Abuse Survivor Turned Police Officer Is Helping Kids With Abuse

How An Abuse Survivor Turned Police Officer Is Helping Kids With Abuse

Kelly Humphries is a survivor of child sexual abuse, a law enforcement officer, ambassador, author, and advocate.

Kelly is extremely passionate about breaking cycles of abuse through multiple platforms and is a compelling and powerful speaker, knowledgeable and witty panelist and emcee.

She advocates on various print and social media platforms and is in the process of building a number of courses to help trauma survivors, and the leaders who support them.

Kelly Humphries


Not being able to report her abuser until she was 19 years of age, Kelly is trying to inspire children to speak up and to protect themselves from the clutches and cunning of abusers.
I talk with Kelly about how abusers groom children online, what language do they use. How they connect with children and what can parents do to help them children be more open with them about being contacted by abusers and finally how to prevent such contact or deal with it.
Kelly is an inspiration for so many I hope this podcast gives all parents and carers some important insights on how we can help keep all our children safe from abuse both online and off.
Kelly has written an inspirational book about her experience called “Unscathed Beauty” You can find out more about Kelly Humphries Here and buy her book here.

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