Free Student Teen Manual With Purchase Of Printed Copy of Parent Manual

Free Student Teen Manual With Purchase Of Printed Copy of Parent Manual

Purchase a printed hardcopy of the Parent Manual and I’ll ship you a free copy of the Teen Manual “Keeping You Safe Online”  FREE!. The Student manual is normally $15.00 and is shipped free with every copy of the printed hardcopy version of the parent manual.

A perfect guide for the teen in your life who needs a bit of a brush up on privacy and security online, or for that friend or relative that doesn’t have young ones to supervise online and doesn’t need all the parent tips that are in the Parent Manual. Buy a copy today and have it shipped the next day! No extra cost on shipping fees either.


The ultimate HOW-TO guide for eSafety.

Practical down to earth help for digital parents or anyone who wants to keep themselves and their loved ones happy and safer online.

Instead of “Googling” for help every time you have a “Digital Accident” get ahead of the game!



  • The latest apps and games
  • Simple parental controls
  • Privacy/Safety on social media – TikTok & More!
  • Screen-time – digital boundaries
  • Roblox – Fortnite – Minecraft safety
  • Basic Cyber Security – Phone safety
  • BRB – TFW – ROFL …What is that?

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Click “download” to download this FREE SAMPLE of “Keeping Kids Safe Online” A Step By Step Cyber Safety Parent Manual. This will download to your downloads folder if downloading it to a P.C. On mobile it will open in your Internet browser, you can add it to your eBook reader or bookmark the page to go back to it.  





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