Kids On Social Media With Training Wheels On! Claire Orange – DiGii Social

Kids On Social Media With Training Wheels On! Claire Orange – DiGii Social

Claire Orange DiGii Social
Claire Orange DiGii Social
In this podcast Claire Orange and I chat about helping primary school children learn to navigate social media safely. Claire developed DiGii Social to help give students in year 5 and 6 an experience of what it is like to be on social media with strict moderation and safety. Using artificial intelligence DiGii Social helps children become more aware of their behaviour online and and what the consequences might be of clicking that link, or sending that unwise message. DiGii Social is educational and fun, as Clare explains in this podcast.
Good mental health for children is at the core of Claire Oranges motivation for developing Digii Social, she has seen and heard too many horrifying stories of children coming to harm on social media.


Claire Orange a clinical Psychologist has worked with children and their families in a variety of therapeutic roles and settings for 28 years. Most recently, she has co-written and published 16 award winning books on children’s mental health and has launched an EdTech startup called DiGii Social that is a world-first safe and educational children’s free social media platform to be used in schools for education.


Claire is a passionate advocate for preventative measures in children’s mental health and digital wellbeing. In this episode Claire Orange and I discuss Tweens on social media and how her amazing app DiGii can help children get prepared for the real world of social media when they are ready.


DiGii Social



Claire and I also get into the “weeds” of how young children are being impacted by early exposure to adult platforms and what her app can do to help children put on “training wheels” in a safe environment to experience social media.

It’s always a joy to catch up with Claire who is clearly so passionate about keeping young peoples mental health safe from harm.

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