Online Conspiracies and Hoaxes. Real or Fake?

Online Conspiracies and Hoaxes. Real or Fake?

This weeks guest is Dr Diana Bossio  Senior lecturer and researcher in Media and Communication at Swinburne University of Technology.

Dr Diana Bossio Senior Lecturer Media & Communication

In the age of digital misinformation and hoaxes being shared prolifically online we are now at a point that we are now having protests on the streets from folks who believe that Covid19 is a hoax and Bill Gates is going to insert a microchip in our veins through a Covid19 vaccination, and flat earthers seem to be gaining voice online.

In todays podcast I chat with Dr Diana Bossio about where these hoaxes and falsehoods come from, who’s pushing them and why? How can we as ordinary users of the internet and social media discern the real from the fake?

Last years Momo challenge hoax, the blue whale hoax and others like it are spreading on the apps our children are using like TikTok Instagram and Snapchat. How can we as parents help our children to be more discerning and help them with their fears?

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