“Cybertrauma”, Children & Teens Online

“Cybertrauma”, Children & Teens Online

Catherine Knibbs

My guest on the Digital Families Podcast today is Catherine Knibbs  

Catherine is a Clinical Doctorial Researcher, Consultant, Public Speaker, Author and Child & Adult Trauma Psychotherapist. She writes about and works with “Cybertrauma” which is any trauma that occurs through an internet ready device. Catherine is undoubtably one of the most experienced and informed therapists and academics in the field of psychology around online exposure to traumatic online events. Including shared live videos of self harm or violence to others.

During this podcast Catherine Knibbs and I talk about what “Cybertrauma” is. How we can prepare our children for the day they do see something traumatic online, because all of them will. Recent sharing of horror and self harm videos on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram created panic and harm to those that were exposed. We discuss why children share such traumatic material, and what the effects of such exposure might be on a young person.

Catherine gives her tips for parents and authorities on steps to take when traumatic content is being shared online, to prevent it from being shared further, or searched for when warnings to parents and educators are issued.

Catherine also talks about available therapy for children who are suffering from “cybertrauma” where the experience has perhaps led to mental health issues.

Find out more about Catherine Knibbs Here: https://cybertrauma.co.uk https://www.catherineknibbs.co.uk

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Digital Families with Catherine Knibbs Cybertrauma Researcher Therapist

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