Stymie – Helping Kids To Report Cyber Bullying Safely

Stymie – Helping Kids To Report Cyber Bullying Safely

Digital Families Podcast:

An eSafety Commissioner recent survey “STATE OF PLAY—YOUTH, KIDS AND DIGITAL DANGERS” reports that only 55% of children report upsetting incidents online to an adult. And the study “Parenting In The Digital Age” also showed details of how aware parents are in regard to their childrens online negative experiences. (See graph below)

Parenting In The Digital Age eSafety Commissioner 2019

The most important thing that parents can do to help young people have safe experiences online, is to not only help to protect them from online harm, but to create a safe place for them to confide when they experience something upsetting online. If we don’t know when our children are being upset or harmed, we can’t help resolve issues or protect them from further harm. And yet, is seems many parents are being kept in the dark. So how do we help children to feel safe in reporting?

Rachel Downie

My guest on the “Digital Families” Podcast today is Rachel Downie owner of Stymie, and 2020 Queensland Australian of the year.

Rachel is someone I met a few years ago at a school west of Sydney where we were giving back to back presentations and workshops to the the students. In meeting Rachel found out about the amazing work she was doing with students who were finding it hard to disclose dangerous behaviour to a responsible adult, in order to get help.

Rachel created an amazing platform called Stymie that helps young people to report safely.

In this podcast Rachel and I chat about why young people don’t report when they experience something upsetting online, and what the repercussions can be. We talk about how Stymie works and how parents and teachers can create a safe place for children to report.

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