Australia’s eSafety Commissioner – Helping Aussies Stay Safer Online

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner – Helping Aussies Stay Safer Online

This weeks podcast I chat with eSafety trainer Greg Gebhart from The eSafety Commission.

Australia’s eSafety Commission is a world leading organisation for education and help for online issues in Australia.

Greg Gebhart Senior Trainer eSafety Commissioner

The eSafety Commissioner has posted recently that reports of online abuse have escalated during Covid19 by over 300%.

Sadly, I’m also getting more reports from parents about issues of online abuse, such as children being targeted by predators, cyber bullies and reports of image based abuse.

In todays podcast with Greg Gebhart we talk about what happens at the eSafety commissioner when a report of abuse comes in? How is it handled? and what sort of issues are they largely dealing with now?

We also chat about how can parents and educators help families with online issues right now when so many children are online even more than ever? Some parents have told me that they feel things are really just out of control.

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