Digital Families Podcast with Danielle Einstein Psychologist

Digital Families Podcast with Danielle Einstein Psychologist

My guest today is Danielle Einstein,

Danielle Epstein

Dr Danielle Einstein is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in the treatment and prevention of anxiety, depression and OCD. Danielle was Head of the Anxiety Clinic at Westmead Hospital from 1996 to 2002, and has run her own private practice since 2003. She has edited a text book on CBT, taught ACT to masters students at Macquarie University, and worked as a postdoctoral fellow.

In this podcast Dr Danielle Einstein, explains how the recent pandemic has impacted our children’s mental health. We also talk about how the use of screens has effected young peoples social skills and learning in schools. Danielle explains how the design of devices gives us rewards that increase our reliance and can lead to possible addiction to screens. Danielle also advises what parents can do to help families get back on board with together time, off screen and back to having fun as a family.

Danielle Einstein Biography

Danielle works with schools to develop programs to enhance emotional health, manage smart technology use and prevent anxiety and depression. She has collaborated on the development of many school based programs, three internet programs (Chilled Plus, Climate Social Anxiety program) and now the Chilled and Considerate Programs.

Danielle leads research with schools across Australia to evaluate the impact of the programs on wellbeing. The latest program is being run in Australia, Hong Kong and the UK to educate the community on the psychological factors which undermine mental health in the wake of COVID 19. One student at the Kings school has commented on how useful these learning’s are and how he uses the tools within the program to stop worrying and calm himself both during the school day and at night when he goes to sleep. Twitter @drdani_drhelen Facebook – Instagram –

The Dip

  1. Devices are changing our lives and the way our families interact.
  2. So many of us are addicted. The impact is altering society.
  3. When we ignore the issue, our children lose their tempers, our partners are distant and we succumb to an unstoppable urge to check our phones.
  4. The Dip explains what is happening and how to regain control.
  5. See more Here:

By Danielle Epstein

Danielle Epsteins Programs

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