Digital Families Podcast with Leonie Smith & Safe4Kids Holly Ann Martin

Digital Families Podcast with Leonie Smith & Safe4Kids Holly Ann Martin

Holly ann Martin and Roger Cripps from Safe4Kids

Holly ann Martin along with her husband Roger run The Safe4Kids Child Abuse Prevention Education Program. This program has been delivered in every state and territory in Australian and also internationally in Cambodia, Indonesia and Mexico. On average, each year, Holly provides face-to-face teaching and training to 4,000 children , 1,000 teachers and 1,000 parents, carers and educators. She has presented the Safe4Kids program at over 30 conferences since 2007, including in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. One of Hollys proudest moments was being inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame in 2016, for recognition of my services to child protection education. This year Holly was also nominated for 2020 WA Local Hero Nominee for The Australian of the year awards for W.A.

For this podcast/vodcast I chat to Holly ann, about ways parents can talk to their children about the icky subjects like strangers, seeing upsetting content like pornography online and body protection. We also talk about the signs to teach our children to look out for, for “tricky” strangers online.

Holly takes us through some great easy ways for children to build a safe network around themselves and demonstrates how she teaches children to use find a trusted support group to help them when they need it wherever they are. She also talks about how to encourage children to come to us when they are afraid of something, or have made a mistake and they need us. Safe disclosure.

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You can find out more about Holly ann at She has a lot of resources for parents and schools on her website including picture books that parents can use to help teach their children about safety using appropriate language and messages. Find her bookshop here

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