New Screen Time Recomendations

New Screen Time Recomendations

Screen Time recommendations


The American Academy Of Paediatrics have recently released some new guidelines for screen use by children. Previously they recommended no screen time for children under 2 years of age, and 2 hours per day for children under 18 years of age.

Whilst children were not using screens for school and for homework, that might have been a realistic goal, but the recommendations soon seemed out of step with most families practicalities.

These new recommendations emphasise boundaries, acceptance of digital devices and a much less stringent approach, focusing on conversations around use and role modelling more than strict times.

Some parents may actually not be all that happy about these changes to the recommendations, as many parents really want some sort of set time limit to use as a guide. But it’s really important that every family work out a strategy that works for them and their particular situation. There are no set rules, so working out what works for your family and your child might take a bit of experimentation and some negotiation. Bottom line is that if your family are living a balanced healthy life with good relationships, lots of creative and active activities and your children aren’t glued to their screens, you are probably doing a lot better than you think!

The “Families who play together, learn together” recommendation is a great one, a suggestion that I encourage all parents to embrace more. So many parents will get on board with their child’s other hobbies but absolutely won’t play a digital game with their child or help them find creative or fun things to do on their device. If your child sees that you are open to this new world they will come to you when they need help with it, and that is GOLD!

I do like many of the suggestions they have offered, these top 4 would have to be my top tips. See more recommendations Here:  For more practical tips on screen time timetables and how to get your kids to stick to rules see my post Here:

Screen time recommendations
Screen time recommendations



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