Thinking Of Upgrading To Windows 10? Privacy and Scams

Thinking Of Upgrading To Windows 10? Privacy and Scams

Windows 10For the next 12 months you can upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 (what happened to 9!!!….What was that joke about when 7 8 9……?) for FREE! Free from Microsoft is amazing…they really want us on that operating software.

Watch Out For The Scams

Lots of email scams going around showing you how to upgrade to Windows 10, ignore all emails with links to download Win10 for your and your computers own safety. It’s very easy to upgrade or reserve your place in the queue see pic below, or this LINK for instructions.

Windows 10 Upgrade



Cat In A Tin Foil Hat...because cute
Cat In A Tin Foil Hat…because cute

If you are concerned with “Big Brother” Type privacy issues, you need to be aware of all the spying Windows 10 will do on you and potentially your family, all in the name of helping you to navigate the internet easier. You might like to have helpful suggestions pop up, and you might want to use Cortana (Windows Siri like helper) which need tracking and information about your online habits to really be useful, but it’s good to know what Windows 10 does.


Here are two links to detailed articles explaining some of the settings in Windows 10 and what you may want to disable. LINK 1   LINK2

The trick is, to read all of the privacy articles Before you download and set it up, because as part of the set up you can disable some settings, if you don’t want them, in the set up procedure. Some you cannot do once you have installed the software.

Is It Worth It?

I’m about to install it myself, (hoping that all my software works with it…) and will certainly report my progress here under this article. I’ve been reading up as much as I can on it before diving in, which is always a good idea with any new operating system you are about to install on your precious computer. I do hear from reviewers and anecdotally (I’m asking everyone I know who has installed it) That Windows 10 might be the best Windows operating system yet, despite some users concerned with the privacy issues. I do hear it works a treat on Microsoft Surface computers.

I really liked Windows 7, and dragged my feet to install Windows 8 after playing around with the Win8 Beta version on an old laptop, I got used to Win 8 but still don’t like it as much as Win7 except for the Parental Controls which were Highways ahead of Win7 in usability for parents who want to restrict access on a child’s log in.

I will be installing Windows 10 over the next day or so stay tuned!

What is your experience? Have you installed it yet? And are you concerned with any of the privacy issues outlined by some of the stories I’ve linked to?

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