Gravity Ghost Review – Family Friendly Computer Game

Gravity Ghost Review – Family Friendly Computer Game

Gravity Ghost Review

I’ve been playing a new independently developed video game from Ivy Games called “Gravity Ghost”, it’s so beautiful and engaging. I haven’t finished playing through all the levels, and I don’t want to spoil it for you by going into too much detail about what happens, but it’s very intuitive with very clear tips and instructions, that even an impatient player like me had no trouble with moving through it (I give up if it’s too hard!) a 4 year old would work it out in other words….

The story within Gravity Ghost unfolds as you play through it, it’s not an adventure game, it is mostly what I call a dexterity style video game, you have to be quite clever to workout how gravity impacts the main character, a fairy type sprite called Iona, ability to fly and jump around the game, and work out some puzzles to get further through the game.

In the words of the developers “Gravity Ghost is a game to soothe your senses. There’s no killing. No dying. No way to fail. Just hours of blissing out to buttery-smooth gravity goodness.” It’s compatible with P.C Windows and Mac and Linux, no Mobile devices as yet.

The graphics in this game are very story book like, some of the graphics look like crayon on paper. Visually its very pretty and quite stunning, the graphics are indeed smooth and buttery, and really quite mesmerising, before I knew it I had played it for an hour.

I’m always looking for games that families can play together to encourage family engagement around gaming, and this is perfect for any age. A child of 4 or 5years old could play it with a bit of help. Girls will particularly love it, as the main character is female, and┬áthere’s lots of flowers, non scary cute mythical creatures, planets and sparkly things.

You can buy it and download it from Steam Here: Parents if you need to know more about the Steam Store and how it works, see a post about Steam on my blog Here

5 stars! Loved this game Stunning! Can’t wait for it to be available also on mobile devices!

Check out the video promo below to see how beautiful and fun this game is.