The Virtual Youth Choir, Positive Use Of Digital Technology!

The Virtual Youth Choir, Positive Use Of Digital Technology!

The Virtual Youth Choir
The Virtual Youth Choir – Eric Whitacre

Yes, I Was In The Virtual Choir In 2011!

In 2011 I took part in one of Eric Whitacre’s virtual Choirs.

Eric Whitacre is a world class choir composer and conductor, adored by fans of choir and choristers all the world over. He has definitely brought the “Cool” factor to choirs. And one of the ways he has done that is by using digital technology and the power of  YouTube to bring singers from all over the globe to record his compositions. Eric’s virtual choir team then collates and mixes all the videos so that singers, both young and old all over the world from many far flung countries can participate in a world choir.

Eric Whitacre

The Choir I was part of was, for his composition called “Sleep”. I had to learn my part and practice it and then record it at home on my own video camera and then upload it to YouTube with thousands of others. Eric and his team then collated all the entires, no one missed out, and then made them into an amazing music video which has now been seen on YouTube by over 1.6million people. You can see the video of “Sleep” at the bottom of this post. Strangely, as a Jazz singer of some 20 years I’d never been part of a choir, and I have to admit I found this style of singing extremely challenging. But the end result brought tears to my eyes.

I was then lucky enough to interview Eric on my Virtual TV Show “Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe” Eric really got into the spirit of the gaming environment of Second Life and donned a look alike avatar. He was one of my most favorite guests, you can tell I’m a fan.

The Virtual Youth Choir At The Commonwealth Games 2014

This year, Eric Whitacre was commissioned to produce a Virtual Youth Choir to support UNICEF for the most recent commonwealth games. He arranged his composition “What If” for this virtual choir, and asked youth from all over the world to record a their part of the choir and upload the video to YouTube. All the recordings were then used to create this amazing choir and video. This was then played at the opening of the 2014 Commonwealth games in Scotland.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Youth Choir
Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Youth Choir


Get Your School’s Choir In The Next Virtual Choir!

I highly recommend schools take part in the next Virtual Choir, many schools and choirs around the world participate every year. It’s a huge thrill for students who love to sing and such a worthwhile and inspiring venture. Take a look at the final video below, it is very moving, and importantly shows young people a positive way to use technology to unite and be part of something bigger than all of them. I love it! Find out more about how to be part of the NEXT virtual choir Here: I think I’m going to give it another go!

The Virtual Youth Choir 2014 Singing “What If”

The Virtual Choir 2011 “Sleep” featuring Leonie Smith and a choir of thousands!


For more about Eric Whitacre and his virtual choir you can watch this TED talk he gave in 2013

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