Selfies And Teens Leonie Smith On “The Living Room”

Selfies And Teens Leonie Smith On “The Living Room”


Leonie Smith on "The Living Room"
Leonie Smith on “The Living Room”

Seems everyone is having fun with “Selfies” these days. Unless you’ve been living under a rockyou would know that the term “Selfie” is taking a photo of yourself  alone or with friends with your own camera. Is is narcissistic or self obsessed or just good fun? I was featured in this video about Selfies on “The Living Room” along with a bunch of teens who were embracing the selfie phenomena with gusto!

Selfies are a fun way to take photos of yourself that you control, presenting the image of yourself that you want to. To make sure that you have a healthy relationship with selfies, and that you share them safely here’s a few tips!

  1. Don’t take selfies that may embarrass you or your friends in the future!
  2. Don’t rely on “likes” on your selfies to feel loved or popular
  3. Too many selfies might make others think you are too self obsessed
  4. Be careful who you share selfies with, check your privacy settings!
  5. Be sensitive if someone doesn’t want to be part of your selfie
  6. Always make sure you ask all in the selfie with you if it’s ok to share it before doing so
  7. Try getting your favourite pet to take a selfie! 


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