Using Social Media For Good!

Using Social Media For Good!

Standout StudentMost users of social media use it for good, we use it for connecting, socialising, education, marketing and for sourcing news. However we hear so many bad news stories about people using social media to bully, to spread virus’s or send inappropriate images and messages, that it can sometimes feel that technology and social media are a blight on the digital landscape. Alerting readers to the dangers of technology and the internet is of course essential to help get the message across that technology and social media needs to be used with caution, and that it is imperative for adults to supervise kids online. But at the same time we shouldn’t be giving the impression that technology and social media is bad or inherently dangerous.

There ARE so many great stories about how social media is being used for good, or to help others. Over the next few weeks, and as often as I can in the future, I want to share some stories about our youth using social media and technology for good! I’d also like parents and teachers to share these great stories with their youngsters. It is so important that younger users of technology and digital media, find great role models who are leading the way with using apps and technology to help, inspire and create. Please let me know if you find a story I can share with my readers.

Tweeting For Good!

First up, a video news story about a high school football player using Twitter for good. Watch the video and you will see what I mean. What a great idea! I’d love teachers to perhaps start something like this for their older students with supervision, of course. It reminds me of an exercise that some schools do where they get everyone in the class to say one nice thing about another student at the beginning of each term. It’s only a small thing but it’s a start. Doing something like this without it seeming disingenuous is not easy though, it needs to be carefully considered so that the students don’t think its “lame”

Link to the twitter account

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