Great Video Games To Play With Your Kids!

Great Video Games To Play With Your Kids!

At my presentations I often mention a few computer games that I love to play by myself and with my kids. Playing video or computer games with your kids is a great way to start to understand their love of the digital world, and it can help open up conversations around online and offline gaming and it gives parents a chance to get on board with what kids are doing for fun on their digital devices and PC’s and it’s……fun!!! As parents, depending on what our children like to do, we have all had to learn all sorts of games and activities to connect with (play with) and to support our children. But sadly when I ask parents during my cyber safety sessions to have a show of hands as to who plays video games with their kids, I generally find that there are are very few parents who have played video games with their children. And yet, most parents have played other games or participated in other fun activities with their kids, but opt out of attempting to play a digital game with them. For many kids video games are a large part of their recreational lives, and parents are missing out on sharing and understanding this activity because they simply won’t have a go. Most kids love to be an expert at something their mum and dad are not. And asking your child to show you how to play one of their games can be lots of fun, and provide lots of laughs…(usually for your child as they see you struggling to do something that they have now mastered!) I’m always on the look out for new games, I personally love to play computer/video games, but have a penchant for adventure or puzzle games, particularly if the graphics are immersive or beautiful. Please make some suggestions in the comments of any game you love playing and why, and if you’ve found some great games that adults and kids can play together. Here’s some of my recommendations with some links to reviews I’ve done on some of them.

Some Of My Favourite Games

Note: The age ratings are only a loose recommendation. Some of the 4+ Games are great for teens, but some of the games rated 12+ or 13+ might be too advanced or adult for your teen. Always download and check first.

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Ages 4+

Games To Play With Kids

Ages 9+

  • Badland iTunes – GoogleSteam Atmospheric side scrolling action adventure. Some nasty circular saw action
  • The Room & The Room 2: iTunes – Google – Steam Stunning 3D physical puzzler and Mystery game, a bit spooky in parts. Challenging. “The Room 3” coming late 2015. See my review of Room 2 Here.
  • Zen Bound: iTunes. Japanese Meditative puzzle game, binding rope around pretty wooden puzzles

Family Computer Games

Ages 12+

Family video games

Ages 13+

  • The Stanley Parable: Steam. First person exploratory game. Funny, meandering. No violence – mild cursing via voice over.
  • Lifeless Planet: Steam. First person exploratory game set on a seemingly lifeless planet. Fantastic story, tricky puzzles to solve.


Ages 15+

Contrast. Steam. 3D platform game. Set in paris, 1920′ Film Noir vaudeville style game. Some references to smoking.Female protagonist.

Gone Home Video Game

Ages 17+

Gone Home: Steam. Haunting first person narrative. LGBT content. explicit lyrics in music



In the video below I review a few of the games mentioned above.

 What are your favourite games for your family to play?



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