Cyber Safety & The Next Working Mums Masterclass

The Cyber Safety Lady is presenting at the next Working Mums Master Class being held on Saturday 25th May 2013 in Sydney

Date(s) – 25/05/13
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Yin & Yang Room, Hotel Urban

We know you’ve been waiting  for this one…! Our second Masterclass this year will be held in the fab Ying & Yang room at Hotel Urban in St. Leonards, and we have some amazing speakers for you too!


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Leonie Smith

Leonie Smith

from Cyber Safety Lady
Topic: Cyber Safety

Leonie is “The Cyber Safety Lady” — a Cyber Safety Expert Speaker and Presenter based in Sydney.

The Cyber Safety Lady came about after a few parents at her children’s school asked her to present a cyber safety talk. Leonie had brought her 4 children up to use the computer and internet in the safest way possible. She is now a sought after educator, media commentator and advisor on all things Cyber Safety.

Leonie will be talking about the very latest apps, platforms and social media your child might be using this year. She will also give you great tips on how to moderate and supervise their child on their computer and mobile devices. AND what to do about cyber bullying.


Georgia Bamber

Georgia Bamber

from Green B
Topic: Green living

Georgia is the person behind The Green B — a website dedicated to increasing awareness of issues to do with our environment through Think, Do and Act prompts.

Georgia walks her own talk, living on a farm on the south coast and living a more sustainable lifestyle. She grows her own organics fruit and vegetables, raises chickens for eggs and makes (almost!) everything they eat from scratch.

You will receive practical tips and things to do to on how to make your lifestyle, your house and your kids go green.


Maree Prestwidge

Maree Prestwidge

from Health Me
Topic: Activity and Fitness

Maree Prestwidge is a mum of 3, a Personal Trainer, a Food coach and the Business Owner of Health Me. She specialises in family and lifestyle health, nutrition and fitness.

After being told by a GP to “perhaps” cut back on fatty foods and “try” to exercise more, Maree realised that unless she stayed healthy she risked not being there for her 3 young children at all – and that was unacceptable to her. That day she decided to get healthy and stay healthy.

Maree will share ways you can make activity part of your busy lifestyle. There literally won’t be any excuse once she’s done!



Angela Counsel

Angela Counsel

from The Ambaa Tree
Topic: Mind space and nutrition.

Angela is a a Mum to 2, a qualified Naturopath, and the director behind The Ambaa Tree.

Working in the corporate sector managing multi-million dollar projects and twenty staff members, Angela thought she was in control of her life. It was only when she decided to take time off work after failing to fall pregnant that she realised she might not have been in control as she thought!

Angela will give you advice on ways to clear your mind, body and soul and look after yourself in this whirlwind we call life.



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