Pittwater Business Limited Networking Breakfast Featuring Leonie Smith Social Media and Cyber Safety

Pittwater Business Limited Networking Breakfast Featuring Leonie Smith Social Media and Cyber Safety

I’m honoured to be presenting a talk at the October Pittwater Business Limited Breakfast at Bayview Golf Club on the 17th October 2012.

Leonie Smith Cyber Safety at Pittwater Business Limited Breakfast October

This is a unique talk by Leonie Smith who was featured on 60 Minutes last Sunday for the Charlotte Dawson Interview on Bullying and Trolls on Twitter. Leonie expertise as a social media consultant and a Cyber Safety advocate means her clients get the benefit of great social media training and advice and how to keep their business and personal life separate and safe online.

91% of employment agencies now search your personal social media profiles as well as Google you online before seeing you. When you apply for anything these days its highly likely your personal Facebook account is being checked out, applying for a bank loan, a partnership, rental accommodation, your business and private profile are being judged. You business and your private profile are linked!

There are tools you can use to find out how much of your private life is public on social media and tools to help protect your brand, and this talk will introduce you to a few of them.

Pittwater Business Limited

Established six years ago, PBL is a not-for-profit company formed to support the growth and development of sustainable and successful businesses in Pittwater. It is committed to bringing local small and medium-sized enterprises together to provide a forum and network for those businesses with the ultimate aim of increasing their competitiveness, longevity and opportunities for success. It recently received a NSW Government Grant to help expand its reach. It has a current member and guest mailing list of 650 local business people.

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Every second month, PBL hosts a breakfast seminar and these events average around 100 members and guests. The areas of business represented by members and guests at the breakfasts are diverse and cover food, wine, travel, health, fitness, education, finance, sports (motivational), marketing and creative professionals.

Regular VIP guests at the breakfasts are Ms Bronwyn Bishop MP, Federal Member for Mackellar, Mr Rob Stokes MP, Member for Pittwater, the Mayor of Pittwater, Cr Harvey Rose and the General Manager of Pittwater Council, Mr Mark Ferguson.

The calibre of speakers is impressive and has included:

  • Karin Adcock, Managing director of jewellery phenomenon, PANDORA Australia;
  • Marcus Blackmore, Chairman of Blackmores Ltd;
  • Tony Gattari, speaker, author, trainer, strategist, business adviser, former GM of Harvey Norman’s computer and communications division;
  • Dale Beaumont, best-selling author, international motivational speaker and creator of the Secrets Exposed series of books;
  • Father Chris Riley, founder and CEO of Youth Off The Streets;
  • Tony Bates, Chairman of Point Zero Youth Services;
  • Jonathan Brake, Managing Director of Market Hope Pty Limited and acting CEO of the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia;
  • Creel Price, serial entrepreneur, high octane adventurer, passionate educator and CEO of Accelerate Global training organisation;
  • · Robert Gerrish, the founder of Flying Solo micro business community website which attracts over 80,000 unique visitors a month;
  • Marty Wilson, corporate speaker and stand-up comic, and author of the best-selling What I Wish I Knew book series.
  • Paul Wallbank, a regular ABC broadcaster, business owner and writer on how our businesses and society are changing in the 21st Century.
  • CEO of BRW Top 4-rated company, Andrew Holder;
  • Social networking strategist, Lee Ussher;
  • Businessmen, adventurers and mountaineers, Stephen Bock and Pete Wells;
  • Multi-media personality and small business owner, Sami Lukis;
  • Freelance IT and marketing journalist, author and speaker, Brad Howarth;
  • World-class athlete and TV presenter, Johanna Griggs.
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