Free Cyber Safety Webinar With The Cyber Safety Lady

Free Cyber Safety Webinar With The Cyber Safety Lady


More than JUST a Cyber Safety Talk


I’m sure by now most of you have seen or attended a Cyber Safety talk to help inform you about what to expect with your children being online. This free webinar being organised by “Working Mums Masterclass” will take you a step further from simply informing you. You will be given practical steps to set up safety and privacy settings which will prevent you and your family being exposed online.

Date: Tuesday 21 August 2012 Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm AEDT Where: Online Topic:Cyber Safety Presenter: Leonie Smith The Cyber Safety Lady


I’ll be taking you through some essential filter settings for some of the more popular online platforms that your children are likely to be using quite often, like YouTube Facebook and Google. You will get very practical advice on how to moderate your children’s online and computer use, without having to be an IT genius.

  1. Where are the hidden safety and privacy settings on Facebook
  2. Did you know there is a built in safety filter in Google search which prevents accidental viewing of adult content? I will show you how to ensure it is switched on so that next time your child googles something for Homework they don’t bring up porn.
  3. YouTube has a safety setting also I can show you how to enable that if your children ever watch YouTube clips.
  4. Which games ARE safe for your kids to play?
  5. How do we know where our children are going online? Supervision and moderation
  6. Computer and video game addiction what to do.

Never Done A Webinar? What is it?

A Webinar is an online conference. If you have never done a Webinar before don’t be concerned, all you need is a internet connected device, follow the prompts on screen from the links you are sent by email when you sign up, and your away. You will be sent a reminder about the Webinar before hand.

During this webinar you will be able to see some slides that I will be showing that will help you find these privacy and safety settings, and you will be able to ask some questions, and through the online conference hear me speak about Cyber Safety and what you can do to help all of your family stay safe online.

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