Playing Video Games Keeps You In Touch With Your Kids!

Playing Video Games Keeps You In Touch With Your Kids!

Limbo: Screenshot

To keep the lines of communication open between you and your children about computers, gaming and the Internet, its a great idea to find some computer or console games you can play together. Kids love showing mum or dad how to play a game, and it helps you understand a little of their world, if you are not an adult gamer, (many adults are of course).

I just downloaded Limbo onto my Mac, through the Mac App Store, my son and I are taking turns to play it on my computer.

This game is quite spooky…and dark so its really only suitable for over 13yrs. Of course he’s much better than me at playing it! It takes a little time for a non game playing parent to work out how to get your head around the moves. It’s a step above the cartoony type get from one dangerous place to another type game.

You have to avoid spiders, and nasty animal traps and huge rolling boulders. Not for the Agoraphobic! I got told off for screaming too loud at the spider….Approach with caution!

dreamscape for the iPad
Photo: Screenshot

We have also played a game on the iPad called, Dreamscape which is another spooky game about the same level as the one above. Dreamscape is a mystery puzzle game you have to walk around a spooky landscape finding objects to be able to mover further through the game guided by a diary and a map.

Both these games are hauntingly beautiful, because of my love of virtual reality, I tend to like very detailed high definition games over the cartoon ones.

I’d love to hear your suggestions too, what do you play with your kids?


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