How To Set Up Parental Controls on iPad/iPod/iPhone

How To Set Up Parental Controls on iPad/iPod/iPhone


iPad For Christmas?Did Santa Give Your Child An iPad Or iPod For Christmas?

Apple reported a huge number of activations of apple devices this Christmas, 6.8 million device activations on Christmas Day alone and the largest amount of app downloads ever. A big jump over last Christmas, which saw just 2.8 million device activations. From this we can assume that a LOT of families got new iPads, iPods, and iPhones this Christmas. Many of those pressies will have been for the littlest members of your family.

Apple is THE leading manufacturer of mobile devices with easily accessible parental controls

I love Apple products and one of the reasons, being as I am a mum of younger teens, is the wonderful parental controls you can easily set up on every Apple device. Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up “restrictions” as they are known as on i devices.

Setting up these safety settings is so simple, and yet so necessary if you are giving your child one of these Internet accessible devices. These restrictions will help prevent them downloading games that are adult rated, viewing adult material on the browsers, and generally keep them out of harms way.

Don’t EVER Just Rely On Settings!

Remember though, you cannot leave any child unsupervised on any device that can connect to the Internet. Your best Internet safety filters are YOUR ears and YOUR eyes.

These settings are available on iPod, iPad and iPhone, and you can custom them depending on the age of the child and what you know they can handle. The ratings of games online are similar to videos, so use your best judgement when allowing them to buy games for these devices.


Don’t Set Up Their iTunes Accounts With A Credit Card!

Never allow them their own account on iTunes with a credit card, use gift cards only. Credit cards are never secure online, and you don’t want them to go crazy with buying iTunes products.

Step 1: Go to your iPod/iPad/iPhone Settings app, and then General, scroll down to Restrictions under Passcode Lock.

Go to settings then general
Go to settings then general

Step 2: Click on Restrictions and click on Enable Restrictions












Step 3: Create a 4 digit password that only you know, to prevent the restrictions being tampered with by your child.

Create a unique 4 digit pass code that only you know
Create a unique 4 digit pass code that only you know













Step 4: Click on ratings for Australia.

Create a unique 4 digit pass code that only you know













Step 5: You can then start customising the settings.

Create a unique 4 digit pass code that only you know
Create a unique 4 digit pass code that only you know













Turn Off YouTube: I would suggest you disable YouTube completely in these restriction settings, to ensure young children don’t view MA15+ rated video. Unfortunately the safety settings for the YouTube iOS app don’t really work with this restriction option, you can only really set up YouTube restrictions on a web browser, see my previous post. YouTube doesn’t allow porn as such, but they certainly allow MA15+, and this filter doesn’t seem to work on the YouTube app at all. It does work on the iTunes music store though I noticed.

If you are sharing an iPod/iPod/iPad with a child you can easily turn off the restrictions through the same process…leave all the custom settings as they are, and just disable the restrictions when you need to. Be careful you don’t forget to switch back on….and remember the best Internet filters and safety settings are YOUR eyes and YOUR ears! Supervise your kids always.

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