Is There An Easy Way To Keep Kids Safe Online?

Is There An Easy Way To Keep Kids Safe Online?

Filth & Magic Apps

In the war against Cyber Bullying and Online FILTH! I’m constantly hearing parents asking for suggestions for computer timers and programs for blocking certain sites from young eyes. Most program developers would love to invent a fail safe app for parents to use to keep their kids totally safe online, (they’d make a damn squillion!) and many parents are looking also for that magic bullet app.

No Magic Bullet

There will never be a magic bullet app…I’m sorry, I know that would make it easy for you, but there are just too many variables, and anyway the greatest threat to your child is from other kids that go to school with her/him.

What Any Responsible Parent Should Be Doing!

Cyber Safety 101 is to first go to all the programs your child uses on the computer and check that the security settings are appropriate for the age of your child. Make sure you have a firewall activated on your modem and your computer. If you haven’t done that…then…umm…to the back of the class for you! Without giving you a step-by-step here in this post (I have videos on my channel that do that) most programs, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MSM Skype Google and Browsers all have filters and security settings, if you are not too afraid of technology… the best place to find these is ….under…SECURITY! Do a hunt and take a weapon….

Your job, as a parent of a child on the internet, is to supervise and check out what they are viewing and doing. I know you’d rather the teachers do that…but generally teachers don’t like hanging around your house after work, so either you need to take up residence in your kids bedroom..or move the damn computer to the lounge room or kitchen!

“Do It Yourself Bob” Might Not Be Your Best Option!

The second part of this important job is…making sure that your gateway to the internet is properly secure. If you have absolutely no ability to set up the internet security in your home… HIRE someone to do it for you. You do that at work don’t you? What? you don’t!!!! YIKES!!! Have you not read the news about all the hacking going on! I suggest you pack up your computers never go online again, honestly. Did you install all the locks in your house? Oh you paid someone to do that…You cannot just stick your head in the sand about this folks, Online bullying and scams are rampant! Believe me (or maybe not me…just read the paper..or online news) it aint a beat up! Not this time. Pay someone to set it up for you (Ducks head)…maybe you paid someone to set up your TV aerial or your wireless connection…ahhh is that why you have rabbit ears on your Telly still and a white snowed out black and white picture! This is your child’s wellbeing and safety, don’t be a tight arse over it! (skews language..)

Hey You! The Luddite!

Oh one other thing…don’t ask your kids if they are having a problem online if you want a realistic idea of the dangers, chances are they have figured you out. That you are clueless about the internet, scared of it, and likely to take it all away from them if you even sniff one whiff of a problem!

Just put the seat belts on the internet, and do the basics please.

I Know You’d Rather Be Watching “The Block”….

In closing.. the next time a Cyber Safety person is visiting your kids school or your local community centre or church, for goodness sake take the time to go and listen to what they have to say. Like water safety, road safety and safe drug and sex education, internet safety is JUST as important.. yes even for YOUR kids, and although you did learn to swim and presumably had safe sex (every now and then) and survived the 60’s I’d wager that many (most) of you have NEVER been in the back end of any computer program to set up Privacy/Security settings so you REALLY need help! (what! and you’ve had a home computer since 1995!!! god help me…)

Get on board and get your internet gateway at home safe. Who knows? If you don’t care about your kids being exposed to “Women Has Sex With Dog”, (thats another story…but its actually true, thanks Madeline you know who you are! ) maybe you won’t get your credit cards hacked again this year!


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