Leonie In The Media 2011-2012 Radio & Print

Leonie In The Media 2011-2012 Radio & Print


Children And Smart Phones

 ABC Radio:

Joanne Shoebridge
Joanne Shoebridge



The first interview with  ABC North Coast announcer  was on the dangers of Sexting by teens. During the interview we talk about the controversial laws around sexting that essentially put teenagers on the Sex offenders list if they have nude or sexual pictures on their person, even if its a consenting partner.

Click Link Below to listen

Joanne Shoebridge and Leonie Smith Sexting


I was then interviewed by Kallee Buchanan from ABC Capricornia about Gaming and Kids: Listen Here

We discuss, parents and gaming and their fears around their children on games, the changes coming to the Game age ratings which will now include R18+



Leonie was also interviewed in her capacity as a social media consultant on the “Magic Of Twitter”

Australian Business Womens Network Podcast



More Interviews:


ABC Tech and Gaming both as a subject of interview and as a guest writer.

An interview about Leonie the Queen of Virtual Television!


Article for ABC “Should kids under 13 or 18 years of age be allowed on Facebook?”


Article for ABC  “Do Australian parents understand cyber safety and games?”



Peninsula Living MagazineInterviewed in 2011 Peninsular Living Magazine about social media








A guest post on Connect2Mums January Magazine about Cyber Safety Page 20-21



Leonie has also been interviewed on Cyber Safety on Radio Stations: 99.5FM, Eastside Radio, 2GB, and WSFM.







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