What Facebook Say About Their Own Cyber Safety and Privacy Settings!

What Facebook Say About Their Own Cyber Safety and Privacy Settings!

Meet the Facebook Safety Team and learn what tools you can use to help your family stay safe online.

Facebook Safety Centre
Facebook Safety Centre


Some good advice here on Facebook’s privacy settings. I know they are trying to undo some bad publicity about their practices. But take that away from what they say on this video, and there is some good advice here! I don’t agree with everything said however, e.g I believe contrary to what they are pushing on this video, that for kids, using their real name on the internet is a good thing, and safer…. I see lots of dangers with that. Parents need to see this! pass it on please. What do you think? please leave me some feedback in the comments I’d really like to get some different perspectives on this. If your child has been bullied? What did you do to stop Cyber Bullying on Facebook?



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  • Jazzy Breen

    I’m about to watch this, but I’ll start by saying I heard Andrew Fuller speak recently about bullying and he spoke of a girl who was cyberbullied and attempted suicide. He asked the girl if she had told her parents that she was cyberbullied and she said, no because she was scared her parents would take away her computer. Andrew’s moral of the story was: if kids are being cyberbullied, don’t take away their computer.

    Now to watch the vid…