ABC News 24 News Exchange

Leonie Smith on ABC24ABC News 24 News Exchange October 4th 2013 Talking about age limits on social media in regards to online safety. Cyber Safety education and talking to their kids about cyber safety.  

Kik Messenger And Peer Group Pressure

IMG_3872This post is going to rub some people up the wrong way. I’m going to say something that many parents haven’t considered, or something that they don’t want to consider when making choices about the internet for their child….This post is about caring about other families kids online. If you think this post is too […]

Is Kik Messenger safe For Kids?

Is Kik Messaging Safe For Kids  Kik Messenger is no longer JUST a messaging app, and is now rated 17+ Kik Messenger is constantly adding new “features” and changing settings, it now has a huge adult content spam problem. This post is growing and constantly being updated as new issues and features come to light. I apologise for the long […]

Parents Need Cyber Tutoring

Parents Need Cyber Tutoring The Manly Daily & News Local Some great tips here from Leonie Smith in the Manly Daily

Pittwater Business Limited Networking Breakfast Featuring Leonie Smith Social Media and Cyber Safety

Leonie Smith Cyber Safety at Pittwater Business Limited Breakfast OctoberI’m honoured to be presenting a talk at the October Pittwater Business Limited Breakfast at Bayview Golf Club on the 17th October 2012. This is a unique talk by Leonie Smith who was featured on 60 Minutes last Sunday for the Charlotte Dawson Interview on Bullying and Trolls on Twitter. Leonie expertise as a social […]

Free Cyber Safety Webinar With The Cyber Safety Lady

Cyber Safety Lady  More than JUST a Cyber Safety Talk   I’m sure by now most of you have seen or attended a Cyber Safety talk to help inform you about what to expect with your children being online. This free webinar being organised by “Working Mums Masterclass” will take you a step further from simply informing […]

Should Kids Under 13 Years Old Be Expelled From School For Having A Facebook Account?

From the articleThis article (see left) in todays Brisbane Times doesn’t surprise me. I know of another school here in NSW on the Northshore that has a similar suspension policy for Children under 13yrs with Facebook accounts, I’m sure there are probably more. In the Times article it reports that the headmistress Leonie Hultgren from Harlaxton Public […]

Why You Need To Enable Restrictions On Smart Phones And Mobile Devices For Kids!

Kids on Smart PhonesJust when you thought you could put off cyber safety issues until your children are teens, parents are finding out the hard way that teens aren’t the only ones with internet computer cyber safety problems. Tots on Smart Phones The use of internet connected devices like iPads and other tablets, computers, and smart phones are […]

How To Report and Block Content And Cyber Bully’s on Facebook!

How To Block A Cyber Bully On FacebookWhen you really start investigating Facebook’s interface, there are places throughout it for blocking and reporting content. And after a close look it starts to be obvious where Facebook places these tools. This post will help you to find the blocking and reporting and unsubscribing tools, and also explain why and how to use them. […]

Cyber Safety, There Is No Need To Spy On Your Kids!

Don't Spy On Your Kids  Spying on your children online should only be a LAST RESORT! Only to be done if you know your child is in danger, or you suspect they are hiding something that could potentially harm them. Monitoring Programs: As a Cyber Safety Advocate, I’m introduced to an increasing number of apps and monitoring programs that […]