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Cyber Safety Talk For Parents


Leonie Smith is “The Cyber Safety Lady”

Want To Book “The Cyber Safety Lady” For Your School, Business or Event?

Based in Sydney, Leonie travels all over Australia and internationally teaching cyber safety.

Tailor Made Cyber Safety Presentations and Workshops For – 

  • Primary and High School Students
  • Parents/Carers
  • Youthworkers/Teaching Staff
  • Community Groups – Seniors
  • Workplace

Fees: Costs and fee structure for the talks and workshops will be sent to you on receipt of your booking request. Note: Leonie is Sydney based, travel costs outside the Sydney metro area are extra

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Note: I only keep reserved dates for 7 days without a firm commitment & deposit they are then withdrawn and made available for bookings again. 

See more about my talks Here: Students  Parents/Carers  Teachers/Youthworkers  Workplace/Corporate

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Note: Student talks only available for Grades 3 - 12. You can book talks for individual grades. Available grade groupings according to maturity listed below. Leonie does not do all grades presentations. Each talk is carefully targeted to each age grouping. No limit on numbers. Please indicate any exceptions to those listed below in the "Details" field.

 Parent Talk

 Primary Students Talk Grades 3-4

 Primary Students Talk Grades 5-6

 High School Student Talk Grades 7-8

 High School Student Talk Grades 9-10

 High School Student Talk All Senior Grades 9-12

 High School Student Talk Grades 11-12

 Teaching Staff/Youth Worker Talk

 Business Group Talk

 Seniors Group Talk

 Live Video Presentation


Max 3 Talks/Workshops per day - from 10am - 8.30pm. Locations beyond the Northern Beaches, no earlier than 11am start time, due to peak hour traffic delays.

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