How To Block Unwanted Phone Calls And Texts

For years we’ve been wondering why it is so hard to block unwanted mobile phone calls and text messages. With Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS7 you can now block messages texts and calls very easily. You can’t unfortunately block any calls from “Blocked” or “Unrecognised” callers, meaning when you see a call coming in, with “Blocked” or “Unrecognised” instead of a phone number of name on the screen.

Previously I wrote an article on how SMS and phone calls could be a cyber bullying issue, particularly for Teens who are being harassed or bullied via their mobile device through prank calls or messaging. This update will at least go some way to helping them and us block unwanted calls, texts and iMessages if you have an apple mobile device.

So how do you turn this feature on?

Well, you don’t need to turn it on, it is already enabled, you just need to select the phone number or contact you want to block and add them to the block list on the mobile device. After adding the contact to the blocked list you won’t get any notification of the call or message. The caller on their end will hear the dial tone about three times then it will hang up. The caller or messager doesn’t have any indication that their phone number or message is being blocked.

To block the call:

Ignore the phone call if it rings. Then go to your recent calls list, select the i for information about that call, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and select Block this Caller.


How to block unwanted Phone calls and Messages

How to block unwanted Phone calls and Messages click photo to enlarge


What to do if you don’t have an apple mobile device ?

If your child is getting harassing calls or messages and they don’t have an iPhone or they are coming from a blocked account, you can contact their phone service provider and ask their service to block the calls.

Note: Any message or call that is harassing or threatening in nature should also be reported to your local police. 


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